Duplicate Management


Stop dirty data at the source with perimeter
protection at all entry points into
your CRM and MAP database.

Explore RingLead’s Prevent Features

Approximately 25% of incoming data contains duplicates

Duplicates come from all entry points — whether they’re from manual entry, list uploads, web forms, or connected systems.

Use the duplicate calculator to uncover the true cost of duplicates in your systems.

Duplicate Management
Duplicate Management

Reactive data strategies are a thing of the past.

The duplicate epidemic is real. Proactive data management is the antidote.

Learn how you can stop duplicate data at the source, and why it’s so important.

Safeguard your data with the most trusted name in duplicate management

RingLead Prevent works to continually protect your CRM and MAP from dirty data at all points of entry, making sure your team only works with trustworthy data going forward.

Duplicate Management
Duplicate Management

Prevent Success Story

See how Iryna Zhuravel of Altium automated
the prevention of hundreds of duplicates
entering her systems on a daily basis.


RingLead seamlessly integrates with your CRM and marketing automation platform for a hassle-free process to high-quality data. With a simple set up and easy-to-follow instructions, cleaner data is only a few clicks away.

Duplicate Management

Easily connect your CRM to RingLead and experience powerful duplicate matching, duplicate protection, real-time enrichment, intelligent routing, and more.


RingLead integrates with your Marketo Instance via Webhooks and APIs to prevent duplicates, enrich in real time, normalize, match leads to accounts, route leads, and more.


RingLead integrates with Eloqua via APIs to merge your existing duplicates, prevent future duplicates, and enrich in real time for a stronger database going forward.

Salesforce Pardot

Easily configure Pardot and experience real-time enrichment, bulk enrichment, and smarter lead generation via intelligent web forms right in your website.

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