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Marketing automation is arguably the best thing to hit CRM since the cloud, but here at RingLead, we still appreciate the trusted and true functionality of CRM – the email template.

salesforce-email-templatesOur sales guys love them for the consistent follow-up that is required, and our marketing department loves the opportunity to whip up a new masterpiece.  Todays Salesforce tip will show you how to create a single email template for Leads and Contacts.

Create a single email template for both Leads and Contacts

Are you cloning your email templates, creating one to send to Leads and another one to send to Contacts?  Well you know our feeling on duplicates in Salesforce (we don't like 'em!) so here's a way to stop wasting your time and create one email template that can be used for both Leads and Contacts.

Using some advanced mail merge design skills (originally provided by Salesforce MVP Rhonda Ross in the Customer Success forums) you can build an email template that pulls Lead and Contact information, including the record owner information for both types.

Hi {!if(Contact.FirstName="", Lead.FirstName,Contact.FirstName)},

I just wanted to follow up and see if you were still interested in RingLead duplicate removal and prevention applications for Salesforce?

Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to schedule some time to talk.

Best regards,
{!if(Contact.OwnerFullName="", Lead.OwnerFullName,Contact.OwnerFullName)}

{!if(Contact.OwnerTitle="", Lead.OwnerTitle,Contact.OwnerTitle)}
{!if(Contact.OwnerPhone="", Lead.OwnerPhone,Contact.OwnerPhone)}
{!if(Contact.OwnerEmail="", Lead.OwnerEmail,Contact.OwnerEmail)}



The first string of mail merge code says If Contact.FirstName is blank, then use the Lead.FirstName field.  We use this same design in the signature portion of the email, by including the Contact Owners' information or the Lead Owners' information, whichever is available.

Hopefully this will help you cut down on maintaining multiple versions of the same (or very similar) email templates.  If you're serious about data quality and want to figure out how to easily remove and prevent duplicates in Salesforce, you can sign up for a free trial of our easy-to-use yet powerful applications for Salesforce.  If you're curious about your current duplicate situation, try Dupe Dive, our free duplicate diagnostic application for Salesforce.

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