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“In order to bring you superior data quality management solutions, we must always be innovating and pushing the envelope. For me, innovation starts with observing our customers and their needs. This summer we have a handful of new releases scheduled that I’m excited to share. I know without a shadow of a doubt that these releases will dramatically improve usability and functionality for our customers.” – Russ Artzt, Executive Chairman


This summer RingLead will integrate Capture into DMS, positioning Capture as the discovery component of the end-to-end data management solution. Once integrated, users can generate and enrich leads, normalize, clean, prevent dupes and segment, all within the same interface.  

This integration will also enable users to compare external sources (CSV files, spreadsheets, titles, signatures) with their connected CRM to detect matching records.

This summer in DMS:

July 1, 2017

  • Job scheduling– schedule batch jobs in DMS to keep your database campaign-ready at all times
  • Domain extract– Extract domain name from email or website prior to matching for increased accuracy
  • Web form enrichment– Enrich completed web forms, scan for dupes and route to the correct salesperson with all associated data 

August 1, 2017

  • Eloqua integration– Prevent duplicates from Eloqua web forms and enrich Eloqua web forms with up to 40 fields of contact data
  • Batch enrichment– Enrich large lists, scan for dupes and route to the correct salesperson with all associated data

This summer in Capture:

  • Erecruit integration– By integrating with Erecruit, Capture empowers recruiting professionals to build qualified candidate lists and save directly to Erecruit for simplified workflows.


  • Ability to import/export custom fields from/to spreadsheets–This seemingly simple upgrade will dramatically improve Capture’s workflow by enabling users to quickly populate blank custom fields in spreadsheets, and vice versa.


  • Ability to find and research more job titles– Job titles are invaluable to sales and marketing professionals. Titles tell you who you’re speaking to: Is this person a key influencer? What do they care about most? Capture’s ability to find and research more job titles translates to more tailored, relevant content delivered by you to the right person with the right title.


  • Added duplicate search in another Capture list


  • Salesforce Professional Edition integration

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