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Does your sales team waste large portion of the day researching contact information? Every salesperson knows this pain. Good quality contact information is hard to come by, especially for B2B selling. Capture is a simple Google Chrome extension that automates research. Get guaranteed quality data, automatically appended with information, and synced to your CRM.


Ask any person on your sales team to identify the biggest challenge in closing deals and converting leads to closed won sales. Without a doubt they will respond with both of these complaints:

A significant portion of any salesperson’s day is wasted trying to wrangle data on Leads and Prospects. It’s accepted as an unavoidable obstacle.


According to polling data, in 2004 the average salesperson spent only 124 mins/day contacting prospects. In 2014, the number decreased to 110 mins/day!

Sales is a numbers game, and the conversion rate is slim: a typical conversion rate on calls is 60:10. More calls = more answers = more conversations = more deals closed. Seems simple, right? Not quite.

More conversations is a goal, but the more important goal is to increase qualified conversations. Salespeople need to come prepared. You cannot maximize a conversation with a Lead if you are lacking vital information about that Lead: industry, revenue, company size, job title, # of Salesforce users, etc. Acquiring information on prospects allows sales teams to avoid contacting unqualified Leads, which eliminates wasted conversations. Finding accurate information takes time.

The biggest issue is poor quality data.

Better quality data at the outset would resolve the conflict of having to research information, or contacting unqualified Leads. Data quality is the BIG IDEA, wasted time or operating inefficiencies is the result.

Donato Diorio, one of RingLead’s resident data experts, outlined the solution for data quality issues in his latest webinar: Real-Time Data Ops

Capture is a data quality Google Chrome extension that allows salespeople to acquire verified information on an individual, and sync that information to their CRM.

Capture Can Help

Capture will also prevent duplicates or inaccurate data from entering your CRM. Capture starts with ANY set of data… crawls the web… accesses databases we have access to and puts it all together. Real time research data, bring it back complete, and enter into CRM. Capture solves the following issues:

  • Speed: real-time data operations prevent slow research processes and…
    • Handles data research FOR the salesperson
    • Automate alerts
    • Protect data integrity at point of entry
    • Cross-reference, update, and append CRM data
    • Cleanse CRM data as you enter information
  • No Data Standards: Capture normalizes the data that is acquired into defined standards
  • Data Entry Errors: avoid human error when inputting data in your CRM
  • Duplicate Records: Capture automatically merges records with the same information
    • Both PREVENTS duplicates & REMOVES duplicates

Implementing Capture is a complete game-changer for your sales and marketing teams. It’s as simple as downloading the Chrome Extension to avoid wasting time on research, corrupting CRM data, and increase revenue!

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