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As a recruiting coach, I often get questions about retaining clients. While one-on-one in-depth conversations with recruiters has helped answer this question, I do have some helpful tips that you can start doing right now to boost your client target list.

Spend every morning on business development

recruiting target listEven if it’s just an hour, do your research each morning to learn who’s hiring, who’s growing, etc. Then, dig down to the right contacts. Focusing on the latest news and insights will jumpstart your day.

Call the Grade B opportunities first

If you’re new to recruiting or looking to grow, don’t call the Grade A — or big prospects — off the bat. Practice and get some experience with the Grade B opportunities first, so that you’re perfecting your craft before you make the big calls. By the time you get enough experience under your belt, you can reach out to those big opportunities with confidence and success. We all fail in the beginning, so take the rejections to get to your success.

Find the right fit for you

Not every client will love you. Find the clients that are the right fit for you so that you can nurture them and grow together. The best clients will be a part of you for the rest of your career. It’s just as important that the client like you, as you like them.

Watch my video for more recruiting tips on making a client target list.

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