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You are literally running a Junior Varsity Company if Data is NOT your strength in 2020!

Nick Mehta

CEO of Gainsight

Poor quality data introduces unwanted costs and risks to your business, undermining all decisions, forecasts and investments, The impact of bad data on your business can range from lost revenue and customers churn, to reputation damage and low-performing campaigns.

Still not convinced? Learn how much dirt data is costing you!

Make data quality and analytics a top priority for 2021. Empower your team with a baseline understanding of the health of your Salesforce data using the RingLead Report Card data quality analysis tool.

What exactly will this report show me?

  • The overall health of your data, from the number of duplicates, to the amount of important customer information missing from Salesforce.
  • Identify whether your data is ABM ready or not.
  • Establish trust in your data to create your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP).
  • Are Sales and Marketing teams wasting time and resources on bad information.
  • Potential compliance risk due to duplicate records.


Connect Free Report
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Get a Free Report Card
Get a Free Report Card

Review Data Quality Reports and Dashboards

Data Quality Dimension Description How to Assess it
Age Data doesn’t age like fine wine. What was the last time each record was updated? Run a report on the Last Modified Date of records. What percentage of records have been updated recently?
Completeness Peanut butter without jelly? No way! Similarly, you can’t find upsell opportunities without complete company hierarchy and industry information. Are all key business fields on records filled in? List the fields required for each business use. Then run Field Trip to show the percentage of blanks for these fields.
Accuracy You don’t win Olympic gold for missing the target. Is your data as accurate as possible? Has it been matched against a trusted source? Connect verification services via the RingLead Data Exchange. Then match your records against a trusted source and tell you how your data can be improved.
Consistency Is the same formatting, spelling, and language used across records? Run a report to show the values used for date, currency, state, country, and region fields. how many variations are used for a single value?
Duplication Sometimes two isn’t better than one. Duplicate data often means inefficiencies. Are records and data duplicated in your org? Use the free app DupeDive from the AppExchange or sign up for a trial of RingLead’s Data Orchestration Platform to run more complex data quality analysis across any object.

Data Quality has several key attributes.

It's important to understand these dimensions before you try to fix any data problems.

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Fortune 500 companies, e-commerce startups, non-profits, and small businesses all rely on the RingLead Platform to improve data quality and orchestrate their data for their critical initiatives.

Don’t just take our word for it though… with over 300 5-star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange, G2, & Capterra, it’s clear our customers love RingLead!

Get a Free Report CardI would need 5 different softwares to accomplish what I can in the RingLead platform

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Get a Free Report CardVery sophisticated.  I was able to remove over 400,000 duplicates in less than a day.

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Get a Free Report CardRingLead Routing improved conversation rates on high priority MQLs by over 50%

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Get a Free Report CardRingLead’s multi-vendor enrichment tool & segmentation allowed us to identify our Ideal Customer profiles

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See how Tradeshift uses RingLead’s Prevent and Enrich to both prevent incoming duplicates and enrich webform data so their Sales Representatives have the right leads and the right information, every time.

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See how Altium increased revenue by removing 200,000 duplicates, setting up real-time deduplication & routing workflows, and linking leads to accounts.