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It's a big deal when executive recruiters become retained. While I congratulate them, I also want them to remember a few do's and don'ts to remain retained and successful.

DO go above and beyond for your clients

retained recruitingWhen it comes to retained recruiting, it's important to take care of your top clients. They are your bread and butter, and you should go above and beyond for them.

DO share information

It's okay to do a comparable comparison to other companies when working with your clients. Include a range on salary or ideas of packages.

DON'T give specifics

When doing these comparables, do not call out or mention a direct competitor and specify their offers and packages. That's speaking behind someone else's back, and it can come back to bite you. 

DO be clear and honest

Sharing insights and answering questions for a client is important. Get the information they need and be honest about where it came from and what it means. 

DON'T say anything you wouldn't want another company to hear

If you have insight into what a competitor offers or any other intel that another company wouldn't want shared, then don't share that information. The worst thing you can do is share someone else's proprietary data.

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