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Cloud CollectiveIn an effort to strengthen the Salesforce ecosystem and increase awareness of third-party apps available to Salesforce users, nine SaaS providers, including RingLead, have established a coalition for the Salesforce AppExchange called the Cloud Collective.

Where it all Started

The Cloud Collective determined clear, simple points that defined their cause. These points encompass everything the coalition supports, and they were agreed upon by all the parties involved. The Cloud Collective has weekly meetings to discuss the coalition, brainstorm, answer questions, plan and guide the conversation.

By inviting and incorporating all parties in their meetings, the Cloud Collective established camaraderie and the true sense of a coalition from day one. Whether the conversations were meaty, such as the mission statement, or lighter, such as the first blog post, by involving everyone, great ideas can came from all places.

Heading for Growth

The Cloud Collective sought to involve many great independent software vendors in the Salesforce ecosystem. They continue to reach out to companies providing SaaS solutions that cover a variety of objectives including gamification, analytics, geo-mapping, backup, project management, productivity, unified communications, audio conferencing and data quality. See all the members in this press release.

Once the Cloud Collective was ready to go public, they focused on key communication methods, including a new website, a press release, blog posts, a social presence including Twitter and Facebook, and a clear call to action. The Cloud Collective seeks to grow their coalition by inviting new members. To learn more about joining the Cloud Collective, click here.

We are proud to be part of the the Cloud Collective and look forward to helping it grow. You can see more of our content and information about RingLead at

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