RingLead Marketo Deduplication vs.
Marketo AutoMerge:

Competitive Analysis

Feature RingLead Deduplication Marketo Automerge
Configurable Matching Logic
Surviving Field Value Rules
Allows for Archiving Overwritten Values
Merge via Marketo or Via Salesforce
Flexible Master Record Rules
Ongoing Merge Solutions for Duplicate Prevention
Ongoing Duplicate Prevention
Duplicate Group Merge Sync between Salesforce and Marketo Systems
Average Speed of Merge via Marketo 12/minute 12/minute
Frequency of Merging Manual or Triggered Manual or Every 5 Minutes
Default Number of Records That Can be Analyzed in Marketo 250K 250K
Real-Time Duplicate Prevention (External APIs, List Imports, Web Submission) No Yes
Manual Entry Dedupe As-you-type (Lightning)  As-you-type

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RingLead Marketo Deduplication vs. Marketo AutoMerge: Competitive Analysis

1. While AutoMerge only allows for exact matching rules, RingLead fuzzy matching rules allow for greater flexibility and customizability when merging, such as things that don’t require exact email match e.g companyname-firstname-lastname or firstnamelastname-phonenumber.

2. AutoMerge overwrites field values upon merge whereas RingLead has configurable action choices upon merge. RingLead also merges duplicates lead scores as part of the behavioral score and allows for the retention of associations related to the merged objects. Flexible merge options include:

a) Set update options on a field-by-field basis
b) Update if blank
c) Overwrite
d) Prepend/append text fields (I.e. comments fields)
e) Merge multi-select picklist fields (i.e. product interest fields)
f) Works on custom and standard fields

3. If your Marketo records are in Salesforce too, RingLead can analyze them in Salesforce without the 250K record limit when analyzing in Marketo

4. Marketo and RingLead have a common hierarchy based on what object the record is synced to in Salesforce. However, when records of the same type are duplicates, Marketo has fixed Master Record Rules as follows, while RingLead allows you to specify any criteria you wish (e.g. Contacts with a specific status or associated with a specific account type):

SFDC Type: Contact – defaults to oldest record
SFDC Type: Lead – defaults to oldest record?
SFDC Type: empty (Marketo only) – defaults to most recently updated”

5. Merge speed can vary. The more history in losing records, the more time it takes.

6. Both AutoMerge and RingLead deduplication can be initiated as a batch process. AutoMerge can be scheduled to run on a smart list every 5 minutes, but the Bulk Extract API default file size daily may be easily exceeded or if the bulk extract is performed only once per day, the data will quickly become inaccurate. If your Marketo records are in Salesforce, you can call RingLead’s webhook when a new record is created and merge duplicates into existing records virtually instantaneously.

7. Marketo’s Bulk Extract API default daily file size limit is 500 MB (approximately 250K Records). If you have more than 250K records to analyze, you’ll need to create multiple smart lists (e.g. email addresses starts with a,b,c) or have Marketo provision a larger file size limit.