RingLead vs. Salesforce “Duplicate Management” Feature


RingLead helps you overcome Salesforce limitations
and expand matching and control capabilities

Tackling duplicates with Salesforce’s native duplicate management tool leaves much to be desired. Database managers looking to perform more complex cleanups requiring features like advanced matching and field level control, often find Salesforce’s native “solutions” to be insufficient – with the Enterprise edition lacking any dedupe functionality, and the upper-tiered Salesforce subscriptions featuring only limited, time-consuming solutions to manage duplicates. 

RingLead offers the most powerful duplicate solution in the industry, empowering admins to automate both deduplication and duplicate prevention in Salesforce, without the risk of losing any valuable data.

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Limitations of Salesforce Duplicate Management

The process of identifying and merging duplicates natively in Salesforce is limited and requires a time and resource investment most companies simply do not have.

How to find duplicates in Salesforce:

Finding Duplicates one by one:

In Classic UI, duplicate Leads are found using the “Find Duplicates” button on the individual records page. Duplicate Contacts are found on an Account page by clicking the “Merge Contacts” button in the related Contacts list. Merging of Contacts is limited to Contacts associated with the same Account.  Duplicate Accounts are found by selecting “Merge Accounts.” In Lightning UI, there is a “Potential Duplicates” component that can be added to page layouts to display potential duplicates when applicable. This display is on a record by record basis.

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Limitations of identifying duplicates natively in Salesforce:

  1. There is a limit to what and how many fields are displayed on the page in Salesforce to help determine a true duplicate, making it difficult to get a true measure of the problem.
  2. In Classic UI, duplicate Contacts can only be done if they are associated with the same Account.  What if there are Contact duplicates that are associated with different Accounts?  In Lightning UI, you are only able to see potential duplicate matches when viewing an individual Contact record.
  3. There are no duplicate management options for custom objects. 
  4. Matching logic in Salesforce is limited. By default, Salesforce’s duplicate matchers only look at a few fields.
  5. Salesforce duplicate management is very time consuming and requires you to search individual records. Removing duplicates is a manual process of deciding what data is kept, and what is deleted. Everything is done on a record by record basis.

Limitations of Salesforce duplicate matching rules:

  1. Only two matching styles: exact and fuzzy
  2. No more than five matching rules can be active at one time
  3. No more than five matching rules can run on an object

Limitations of Salesforce duplicate jobs:

  1. Only available for top-tiered editions of Salesforce (Performance and Unlimited). If you are on Enterprise or below, duplicate management is not available.
  2. Duplicate jobs cannot merge and compare custom objects.

Limitations of merging duplicates in Salesforce: 

  1. All of it is manual and on a record by record basis. 
  2. A max of 3 records can be merged at once. If there are more than three duplicates in one group, you would have to run the process multiple times.
  3. Choosing a Master Record (what record survives) is, again, done on a record by record, manual basis.
  4. Which fields survive within the Master Record from each duplicate record is also a manual process. The process of going through each field, on each duplicate record, to decide which fields survive, is extremely time consuming. 
  5. Custom Objects cannot be merged.
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What RingLead can do for you!

RingLead automates both the cleanup and ongoing protection of your database, ensuring your system remains campaign ready at any given time. Prevent duplicates in real time from all key entry points –web forms, list imports, and manual creation – before unwanted triggers and workflows are set off. 

Here’s how we measure up to Salesforce’s native duplicate management solution:

Feature Salesforce RingLead
Matching Rules Two: Exact and fuzzy 45+ Exact and Fuzzy Matchers
Maximum Matching Rules per Task Max 5 per object Unlimited (and/or logic)
Records per Merge Max 3 records at a time Unlimited
Master Record Rules Record-by-Record Basis Configurable by one or more standard or custom field conditions 
Surviving Field Values Field-by-Field, per record Each field can be configured to prevent valuable data loss
Batch Merge No Yes
Resolution Screen No  Yes
Automated Merge (Scheduler) No Yes
Merge Custom Objects No Yes
Cross Object Merge No Yes
Batch Lead-to-Account Linking No Yes
Real-Time Duplicate Prevention (External APIs, List Imports, Web Submission) No Yes
Manual Entry Dedupe As-you-type (Lightning)  As-you-type