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Your Path to Account Based Marketing

Automatically assign leads to their target account owners

Account Based Marketing is a strategic improvement on ineffectual mass marketing campaigns employed by most enterprise sales organizations. Marketers interact with contacts or accounts as individual units, rather than aggregate lists. Messaging personalized to each account leads results in a 400% increase in conversion rates.

RingLead’s account based lead routing maximizes ABM efficacy by: pairing the rep to an account, alerting reps to new leads from target accounts, and preventing redundancy of multiple reps from contacting the same account.

  • Analyze Ideal Customer Profile

  • Build a Target Account List

  • Identify Multiple Personas at Target Accounts

  • Link or Convert Leads to Target Accounts in Batch

  • Segment and Personalize Outreach Campaigns

  • Link or Convert New Leads to Accounts in Real-Time

  • Assign Account BDR’s to New Leads

Diagnose the Overall Health of your Database! 

Identify the % of duplicates compared to unique records in your database today.

Generate 5 reports detailing the duplicate issues in each instance of your CRM – (lead-lead, contact-contact, account-account, lead-contact and lead-account)

Our team will provide you with best practice insights and tips on how to enhance your Lead records for maximum performance

Target Account Alerts


Right Rep on Right Account


Better Coordination


Real-Time Account Targeting


Connect leads to target accounts

When a new lead is created, RingLead searches existing leads and contacts. If no matches are found, RingLead searches all pre-existing accounts to see if any match the lead’s account information. We perform a fuzzy match on company name and domain name used in the lead’s email address to find matches. If RingLead finds a match, the account name (ID) is added to the lead record.

Associates account owner to new leads

Every lead that is matched to an account can trigger a lead assignment rule to set the lead owner equal to the account owner. This ensures that new leads are routed to their strategic account owners.

Easily alert reps on new leads from their accounts

Want to let your reps know when a new lead comes in from one of their accounts? Just set up an email alert that gets sent whenever Salesforce assigns the lead owner equal to the account owner.

Auto-convert leads to contacts (optional)

If your sales process warrants it, RingLead will automatically convert leads from existing accounts into contacts.

Ability to bulk process existing leads

In addition to new inbound leads, you perform a batch process to associate all existing leads with existing accounts.

Ability to bulk process new contacts from a list

Uploading a list? Use our bulk processing feature to see which people are associated with pre-existing accounts.

Account-based Lead Scoring

Leads associated with target accounts are probably more valuable. Now you can increment lead scores when RingLead finds a lead matching a pre-existing account.

Lead Visibility From Accounts

Now you can see all of the leads that associated with your account. Just click on the account and check out the section entitled “Linked Leads”.