Automated Lead Assignment


RingLead Route provides complete control and
visibility over the lead-to-rep process
with configurable workflows and a powerful
rules engine to route all Salesforce objects.

Explore RingLead’s Route Features

The future of lead assignment

Assigning leads in a timely and accurate fashion continues to be a top priority, yet many organizations still rely on primitive approaches to routing. Leads get assigned to the wrong rep, qualified leads fall through the cracks, and conversion rates suffer.

How refined is your routing process ?

Automated Lead Assignment
Automated Lead Assignment

Fully automated lead assignment

You need a lead routing tool robust enough for your exact needs without sacrificing the speed you need to drive conversions.

Learn the basics of lead routing:

Smarter routing through synergy

RingLead Route capitalizes on powerful prerequisite data operations in your lead assignment process for a truly data-driven routing solution that ensures your team never misses their window to connect.

Automated Lead Assignment

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Automated Lead Assignment

Tradeshift Improves Routing by Enriching and Deduping Leads
from Webforms

See how Tradeshift automated the enrichment and deduplication of web form submissions to improve routing and sales processes.

Automated Lead Assignment

Watermark Leverages Powerful Prerequisite Data
Quality Processes

Watermark caption: See how Watermark Insights uses RingLead Route to match incoming leads to Salesforce instantly to deliver positive customer experiences.


RingLead seamlessly integrates with your CRM and marketing automation platform for a hassle-free process to high-quality data. With a simple set up and easy-to-follow instructions, cleaner data is only a few clicks away.

Automated Lead Assignment

Easily connect your CRM to RingLead and experience powerful duplicate matching, duplicate protection, real-time enrichment, intelligent routing, and more.


RingLead integrates with your Marketo Instance via Webhooks and APIs to prevent duplicates, enrich in real time, normalize, match leads to accounts, route leads, and more.


RingLead integrates with Eloqua via APIs to merge your existing duplicates, prevent future duplicates, and enrich in real time for a stronger database going forward.

Salesforce Pardot

Easily configure Pardot and experience real-time enrichment, bulk enrichment, and smarter lead generation via intelligent web forms right in your website.

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