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Being a Salesforce data administrator is not a small challenge and you must maintain a sound data quality in your Salesforce CRM system. Clean data is essential for the health and smooth operations of the organization and your favorite Salesforce products. The investment in Salesforce CRM will lose its worth if Salesforce data is low quality and disorganized. Here are some great Salesforce data management tips which will not only help in Salesforce data cleansing and controlling the quality of your data but they will also help you gain confidence as a leading Salesforce data administrator.

Data Profiling

Always make sure to double check your field mapping process for accuracy before you set up automation in the system. When the fields are mapped incorrectly then a lot of Salesforce data duplicates or misplaced data occurs. For example – one piece of information in the Company field in one application may belong to the Account field in Salesforce system. So be sure to map the fields correctly before you start the automation process.

Controlling The Data

Allow the right people appropriate access and editing capabilities for Salesforce data. Many database errors can be avoided if this data management activity is done regularly. Check all the profiles and role hierarchies, and update roles if required. Meet your senior managers if needed and check if organizational changes have occurred. This is very useful to ensure that there is no incorrect data access and only the appropriate data access is granted to ensure data accuracy.

Data Monitoring

Ongoing vigilance is crucial to avoid data errors and to maintain effective data management. A good data management process must have a proper monitoring arrangement, and a reliable reporting system easily accessible to all the data users is required to maintain data quality vigilance. It will help to keep people accountable when editing or entering information in the system. We also recommend maintaining a data quality checklist throughout the organization.

Assigning Responsibility

It is always important to assign the appropriate responsibility to all those who enter or edit data in the system. Make sure that they are properly trained in entering the data and maintain the data quality rules. This will help you in sharing data maintenance responsibilities with all stakeholders, with proper leadership from your end and the management team.

Making Use Of Salesforce Data Management Tips

With the growth of the technology, a number of Salesforce data management tools have been developed and are available in the market. There are some companies which provide effective services also to help you manage your Salesforce CRM data. Being a Salesforce data manager, it is your responsibility to checkout those data management tools and systems, and evaluate which is the best for your organization. Also, you must ensure that the tool is deployed correctly and efficiently in your organization.

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