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Solving Problems

The Salesforce duplicate contacts report is a very important tool within the Salesforce platform. It is a report that you can run at any time or one that you can auto schedule so that you can spot any duplicate data. Databases are fragile by design. No, they won’t crumble with the slightest problem, but you do not want to create a database that is full of bad information or with too much information. We know that most will think that you cannot have too much data and that it won’t be a problem for managing data quality, but they are wrong. When you have bad data, duplicates and other troublesome data— you have too much data. The duplicate contacts report will make you aware of this so that extra data can be reviewed and deleted.

Other Tools

Not only should you run the Salesforce duplicate contacts report, you should also look at other tools that will improve your experience, that will make your database and contact list bulletproof and accurate. Look into data quality tools that can check your database for accurate information, incomplete information and data that appears to not meet the parameters that you have set. You might not see the need for such a tool now but as your business grows, as your contact list grows, these tools will become invaluable and will ensure that your database and list of customers is in good shape.

Bad data causes for unneeded headaches and even embarrassing moments that are easy to avoid if you utilize all the tools that are available within the Salesforce platform. These tools are not wasteful extras but instead tools that will make your sales life a lot easier. You might as well get familiar with them now and not allow your database to get out of hand so that you are in a position where you are fumbling for a solution.

Automate It And Put It On A Schedule

The good thing about Salesforce is that there is a feature that will solve just about any of your issues. Not only will it solve just about any issue but it is easy to do. But easy isn’t enough, take it up another level and automate the task to happen every so often at a specific time to ensure that your database remains clean, accurate and efficient. Also, to prevent the shameful moments that happen when you have Salesforce duplicates.

The Power Of Salesforce Duplicate Contacts Report

As you can see, Salesforce duplicate contacts report is just another feature that is highly useful. It is another example of why Salesforce is one of the most popular and most used CRMs in the business. As you can see, sanitizing your database of duplicate contracts is very important. It is important on many different levels. One way that it is important is because it keeps you from contacting the same contact too many times, which is not only embarrassing but it is also something that can make them grow tired of you. Another reason why this should be done is because it cleans up your database and makes it run a lot more efficiently.

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