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Today announced their acquisition of ExactTarget, a leader in marketing automation and lead nurturing technology. This acquisition will undoubtedly fill a major gap in’s Marketing Cloud by allowing customers the ability to build lead nurturing and marketing automation platforms natively from within Salesforce.

salesforce-exacttargetBundled with this acquisition comes Pardot, a wholly owned subsidiary of ExactTarget since October of 2012. ExactTarget’s acquisition of Pardot, which specializes in B-to-B marketing automation and lead nurturing, was made to extend ExactTarget’s primary offering, which is geared toward B-to-C marketers.

RingLead is thrilled for both ExactTarget and Pardot, who are both longtime RingLead customers and integration partners.

RingLead Integration with ExactTarget

Using RingLead’s duplicate prevention application in conjunction with ExactTarget, clients will be able to further streamline their lead management process and maintain a cleaner database. The following will take place ONLY when a new Lead is created in Salesforce (no matching Lead or Contact already exists).

1. RingLead checks if the incoming Lead email address is in your ExactTarget database within the ExactTarget List you specify (listid).

2. If RingLead finds the subscriber, it will update that subscriber’s information in the ExactTarget database. RingLead can also trigger the specified email (emailid) to your subscriber. This email will be sent from ExactTarget.

3. If RingLead does not find the subscriber, it will add that subscriber to the ExactTarget database. RingLead can trigger the specified email (emailid) to your subscriber from ExactTarget. Note that you may setup multiple web forms scripts in RingLead, each with its own ExactTarget integration.

To enable this feature:

1. An ExactTarget account is required. If you do not have an account, please contact ExactTarget at Create a user in your ExactTarget account with the API User property enabled. This property prevents password from expiring. Contact your ExactTarget Account Manager to configure your account for web service usage and have the API user (created above) granted web service permissions.

2. Activate RingLead Unique Web-to-Lead to process your web forms.

3. Add the following two hidden fields to your web form. The listid is required, but emailid is optional. The value of the first hidden field ‘listid’ can be obtained by logging into ExactTarget and selecting the list then click View Properties to obtain the ID. Replace “XXX” above with this ID. The value of the second hidden field “emailid” can be obtained by logging into ExactTarget and in the Contect section check the box next to the email then click Properties to obtain the ID. Replace “XXXXXX” above with this ID.

4. Log in to RingLead and provide the Exact Target login credentials in the Unique Web-to-Lead web form script.

RingLead Integration with Pardot

To learn more about the RingLead integration with Pardot, please refer to this knowledgebase article, or contact a RingLead support representative.

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