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Organizations that are customer-centric need data quality management tools. These tools will enable an organization to maintain contacts, such as phone numbers, that are valid. An organization’s data quality manager should make the most of its communication with customers while ensuring positive customer engagement across every point. The time for discovering invalid phone numbers within the organization’s contact database should not be done during sales, marketing or customer service.

List building with invalid numbers should not drag a firm’s results down with unnecessary costs and lost time. Salesforce offers data quality tools that enable an organization to validate customer phone numbers. The salesforce phone number format is used on customers’ numbers in any country, easily and quickly before a call is made. In addition, phone validation identifies the type of phone associated with the number. Validation also identifies the operator or carrier for an individual phone number. This service is able to determine the State, City and Country as well as the time zone.

What does Salesforce phone number format validation entail?

SFDC is a pipeline and contacts data manager which allows an organization’s sales representatives to function in a more efficient manner. Once an organization completes its list, SFDC validates all items. It is tightly integrated with Outlook, and syncs to calendars as well as other mail clients. The salesforce phone number format makes proper associations of emails to their contacts.

Salesforce records and stores information every time one touches a contact. It then accesses the next steps as per the user’s calendar. Integration of Salesforce into an organization’s website enables the data quality manager and the sales team to work with ease.

Validation Rules for List Building

Data quality management tools can be used to improve data quality by utilizing validation rules. The validation rules verify data entered in a record when building a list. The rules are in line with standards specified by user prior to saving the records. A validation rule may have an expression or formula which carries out data evaluation in single or multiple fields, and gives “True” or “False” values. Error messages are also included in the validation rules when a ”True” value is returned as a result of an invalid value.

After the validation rules are defined:

  • The user opts to edit a stored record or create a new one.
  • The user selects and clicks Save.
  • Verification of validation rules is completed
  • Where all the data is valid, the record is saved .
  • Where there is invalid data, an error message is displayed and the record is not saved.
  • The necessary changes are made by the user and who then selects Save again.

With the salesforce phone number format, a user can specify which error message to display when validation of a record fails. Validation rule errors appear on the display in red text with the word ‘Error.’ The user can choose the error message to be displayed either at the top of the page or next to the field.

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