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RingLead’s Sales team is lead by industry experts with decades of combined experience in data quality management.

Members of our Sales team are fueled by their shared commitment to helping businesses across the globe unlock the true potential of their data with RingLead products. Our Sales team believes in transparency, teamwork and hard work. They share a fun, competitive nature that allows them to be the best at what they do.

RingLead Sales operates as a team to bring our customers the highest level of customer service and support in the data management industry.

RingLead customers are divided into four sales territories: West Coast, East Coast, Southeast, and Midwest. Each sales territory has one Director of Sales and two Account Executives. For each territory, each Account Executive is assigned specific states so that every customer has one dedicated Director and one dedicated Account Executive familiar with their account.

At RingLead you will receive incredible sales training from some of the most experienced sales representatives in the software industry. Our Directors have more than a decade each of experience in the field. In addition to hands-on training, you will be equipped with the resources and tools you need to become a successful social seller.

You will receive:

  • Training from Cardone University
  • Training and access to LinkedIn Navigator
  • Training and access to Salesforce
  • Training and access to Marketo
  • Training and access to Sirius
  • Training and access to Highfive
  • Training and access to PeopleLinx
  • Training on 15Five
  • Product training to enhance your selling potential
  • Support from our Marketing and Design team to create compelling presentations

1,000+ RingLead customers look to members of our Sales team to serve as their trusted advisors on all things data; our team works overtime to never disappoint.

If you pride yourself on your customer service skills, and have the ability to work independently, and as part of a team, RingLead Account Executive may be the right position for you.
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As a Director of Sales you will be responsible for developing a sales strategy for a specific geographic territory to drive revenue and build pipeline for the company.

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We are looking for a competitive, self-motivated college student to join our Sales team as a Sales Development Intern.

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