Adaptive, Real-Time CRM & Marketing Automaton Segmentation

Build precise customer segments in your MAP or CRM within minutes based on any attribute using our intuitive, powerful segmentation engine.



Unlimited Customization

To streamline set up, customize templates that already outline the various data values that make up critical B2B buyer segments & personas. Users are able to easily customize and combine pre-built templates to output their own segment values.

Example Templates include:

  • Job Function/Department – Mapping of dozens of job titles to department segments (i.e Content Manager Marketing).
  • Job Seniority/Job Role – Mapping of dozens of job titles to job seniority segments (i.e CMO = C- Level).
  • Industry – Mapping of NAISC Codes, SIC Codes, and industry keywords to industry segments (ie NAISC Code is 523910 = Venture Captial & Private Equity)
  • Company Size – Mapping of revenue and employee ranges to company size segments (ie Employee Range: 50-100 = Medium Business
  • Territory – Mapping of address, state, and zip code values to territories (ie Zip Code: 90210 = Southwest)

Batch Segment your CSVs, CRM,
and Marketing Automation

  • Easily segment any group of data within your Sales & Marketing systems.
  • Custom filter any partition of your Sales & Marketing systems.
  • Increase segmentation fill rate by connecting by connecting any combination of 3rd party data sources.
  • Connect & Sync segments between CRM & Marketing Automation

Real Time Segmentation for CRM and Marketing Automation

  • Automatically segment list uploads
  • Automatically segment web submissions
  • Automatically Trigger Segmentation
  • Automatically segment manually entered data

Automate Pre-Requisite Data
Orchestration to Prepare Your Data for Segmentation

  • Normalize person and company data (Job Titles, States etc)
  • Fix open data fields (If State = CA, country can be inferred as US)
  • Enrich critical segmentation values with Data Exchange
  • Prepare cluster analysis
  • Link leads to accounts

Use Segmentation to create Propensity Models & Scoring

  • Use any combination of attributes to output scoring values
  • Calculate multiple numerical values into scores
  • Score accounts for ABM with ease

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Hear From Our Customers

Hear from forward-thinking marketers that have accelerated their growth and improved operational efficiencies with RingLead.

“RingLead does so much more than just routing. I could see that I could do real time enriching, through third party tools that were integrated, deduplication, duplicate prevention, segmentation, as well as normalization.”

“Not having the lead to account matching meant we were not able to market to leads efficiently…Having that extra account data really helps a lot with understanding different cohorts and segments of our audience.”

Cody Bustamonte
Salesforce Administrator & Marketing Operations Manager at Exterro
Calon Alpar
Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Watermark