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How would you like to use your GoToWebinar registration list for advanced Lead scoring? Combining the invaluable Interest Rating information that is provided by GoToWebinar with the power of RingLead Unique Upload you can update existing Leads and Contacts in Salesforce with this valuable information so that your sales team can focus on the most engaged Prospects and Customers.

Video transcription:

First you’ll need to export the attendee report from GoToWebinar.

On the left, select Generate Reports, select the webinar that you want to export, and export to .XLS format. Open the file in Excel, and we’ll need to do some quick cleanup. Lets get rid of the header information and take a quick look at all of the columns and field values contained in this spreadsheet. Familiarize yourself with the column headers, which will be important when we go to upload the list shortly.

In Column B, you’ll notice the Interest Rating, which is a great feature of GoToWebinar. Citrix, the makers of GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting and a longtime customer of RingLead, has created a unique algorithm that looks at a few different pieces of information including duration of attendance, attentiveness during the session (are they really paying attention or are they multi-tasking?), number of questions asked, etc.

This interest rating is really valuable if you’re doing a product-related demonstration or training session, or even if you’re doing some type of informative webinar.

Now we’ll save this file in Unicode Text format and upload the list using Unique Upload. Unique Upload, an application that is part of the full duplicate prevention suite provided by RingLead, will prevent the creation of duplicate Leads and Contacts and allows us to update, append or overwrite information for existing records. Map the columns in your list to the standard and custom fields in Salesforce as you normally would using Unique Upload.

We’ll pay special attention to the Lead Score field, which can be found in the Lead Custom Fields section. Map the Interest Rating column in your list to the custom Lead Score field in Salesforce.

Depending on your Lead Scoring rules, you may want to choose the Raise or Increment field action. If you choose Raise, it will replace the existing Lead Score with the Interest Rating value, but only if the new value is higher. So if your existing Lead Score is 50, and the Interest Rating value is 60 your new Lead Score would be 60.

If you choose the Increment option, it will add the Interest Rating value to the existing Lead Score. So if your existing Lead Score is 50 and the Interest Rating value is 60 your new Lead Score would be 110. Now you can select options for unmapped columns, add these Leads and Contacts to a Campaign, and Create Tasks as you normally would.

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