How Clean Data Leads to Sales Success

There has been much talk about Big Data which, to me, only emphasizes the importance of clean data. According to Kurt Bollacker, “Data that is loved tends to survive.” Having clean data is necessary to extract revenue from your most precious resource: your customer and prospect database. Clean data increases opportunities, saves money, and helps you maintain a…

6 Ways to Grow Your Business Faster with Quality Data

The Salesforce1 World Tour in Chicago featured many great speakers and sessions, but it seemed that everyone was talking about data. Data, data, data.

During one session, Salesforce customer, Joseph Morgan, President and CEO of Standard Register, remarked, “If you have the right data at the right time, we can absolutely accelerate our business.”

But good customer data is hard to find and maintain.

21% of B2B sales reps’ time is consumed doing research, the number one issue with CRM is consolidating customer data, and 75 phone numbers change every thirty minutes. (Sources: CIO Insights, Forrester Research, CustomerThink, Dun and Bradstreet)