Addressing the Gap Between Marketing Automation and CRM

In this era of economic growth, the Sales Enablement Trends 2015 Report (registration required) by Qvidian was sobering. While B2B companies continue to grow at any cost, sales teams still struggle with quota attainment and can’t ramp up fast enough. Companies are trying to fix this by automating virtually every marketing process, sales process and…

The Top Requirements of a Great CRM

Software Advice recently released their CRM Buyer View report, an analysis of over 5,000 interactions with companies evaluating CRM software. After the report was released, they interviewed Paul Greenberg, CRM and SCRM author, consultant, and speaker. Here are some insights from that conversation, which outline the core aspects of a great CRM.A CRM must meet your needsThe needs of a CRM vary from business to business. From a small business perspective, automation is king. Automation is part of the fundamentals that helps small businesses run their organization more effectively.

How to Hold Your Salespeople Accountable with CRM

My first job out of high school was selling cars. At that time, I remember my sales manager telling me and the other salespeople to make our daily follow-up calls. Some salespeople would say they completed their calls, even when they hadn’t. It became a constant battle. Apart from not making the calls, these particular…

How to Grow Customer Satisfaction with Your CRM

Branding is not just a marketing responsibility; it’s a company-wide sport. Whether it’s positive or negative, any interaction a customer has with your business is a reflection of your brand. Hire the right people, train them the right way, and give them the right tools. This will ensure a great customer experience as well as…

How Vince Lombardi Would Implement CRM

Vince Lombardi was a legendary football coach, first at Fordham University, then at West Point. After that, he took his first professional coaching job with the New York Giants. It wasn’t until later in his career when he took over as the head coach of the dispirited Green Bay Packers, that his legend began to…

6 Must-Have Functions of a Sales CRM Platform

There are several types of sales CRM, but regardless of what you use, they all have “must have’s” and “must-do’s” that contribute to accelerating your revenue. Here are six of those must-have functions for CRM and sales success.

1. Automation…Automation…Automation
Wherever possible, automate data entry as opposed to manual entry. Data entry in systems is a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Minimize it at every opportunity to do so. The more manual entry required, the higher the level of non-compliance, resentment, and inaccuracy.

Examples of fields to automate: Opportunity naming, Account Type designation, company profile info such as revenue, employees, etc.
2. Training…Training…Training
Sounds obvious? You’d be amazed at how many companies don’t have a planned approach to the onboarding and ongoing training of any and all personnel interfacing with the system. This applies to both the input side and the analytics side. Knowing how to use the system to manage the business is as important as how to use the system to get data in.

14 Essential Elements to Revenue Acceleration

Business owners don’t want much…we just want more. We want more speed, more accuracy, more productivity, more information (not to be confused with data)…MORE SALES. In sales, there are some essential elements, that when correctly wired into a system, have propelled dramatic impact on conversion, rate of revenue, and valuation. In no particular order, here are 14 of the most critical elements, without which, a fully productive revenue engine isn’t possible.
1. Control
Know what you are trying to control. If it’s revenue, it can’t be done. You might as well try controlling the weather.  However, we can impact revenue.  What we can control is the behavior and activities that lead to a decision.  Activity is your business’ primary currency…not money.
2. Clarity
Make sure your company’s value proposition is presented with clarity and consistency. Are your sales and service executives operating with a clearly defined and measured process? Everyone must go to market with the same, for lack of a better word, “script.”  In almost every instance, I’ve found that individuals tend to put their own bit of spin or style into their presentation.  Ultimately, you might find the differences in performance relate back to this issue.