The Power of Do-It-Yourself Business Data

If you closely read the history of Home Depot, when in 1978, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank virtually revolutionized the Do-It-Yourself home improvement market overnight, you’ll find certain parallels and trends that took place at that particular time in that industry and what is taking shape today with business data.

Home Depot, Lowes and…Broadlook? Do these three really have anything in common? Well, with $74 billion and $50 billion for Home Depot and Lowes respectively for 2013, I can certainly tell you it is not revenues…but might it someday?

I believe there is room to examine and anchor such parallels around the number of data assets available, both inside the organization (data silos, databases, ERP, CRMs, email servers and more) and outside the organization (Internet, websites, search and social), including tools and technologies available, the general rise of competencies and capabilities of employees and/or the emergence of specialty titles; database administrators, CRM and marketing automation data managers, sourcers and researchers, data analytics and more.