12 Questions to Ask a Potential Data Quality Vendor

There are many products out there that can solve CRM data issues. Solutions include data quality vendors such as data companies, deduplication vendors, offline data cleanse services, preventative data-technology and data import technologies. But where do you start? Here are a set of questions to ask these vendors before you sign on the dotted line.

1. How old is your data?
Just because you are buying data does not mean that it’s fresh. Data vendors suffer from the same data decay as everyone else. If they guarantee that it’s updated every six months, that means it’s somewhere between 15% and 20% outdated from the day you get it.
2. What is the source of your data?
If you’ve experience crowdsourced data, you’ve felt the pain. Make sure the source of the data is consistent with what you need for your sales and marketing model.