The Hands-On Strategies to Improve Data Quality

Today, many businesses hold their data in their CRM. CRM could be just as easily replaced with the word “database,” “marketing automation system,” data silo,” – you pick the term. CRM is the repository, in a recent interview by Syncsort, as part of their Expert Interview program, I had the chance to talk about the…

Salesforce User: Are You My Data Steward?

Dear Salesforce User,Do you have the ability to enter data into Salesforce? Can you create records? Update fields? Generate Reports? Do you realize the power that has been bestowed upon you? When you are given the ability to create information in your company’s Salesforce org – which is what you are doing when you interact with data – you are given real power. Power to both create value and to cause harm. Information is what we use to empower business transformation and evolution. And, as you have likely heard, “With great power comes great responsibility.” When you are in the throes of your day-to-day job, balancing the to-do list taller than you are, a few records of data might not seem that important. Maybe there is a system rule that Zip Code is required for new prospects and instead of finding the correct value to input, you think to yourself, I’ll just input 12121 to save some time. You might consider the impact of having marketing believe that Melrose, NY is a veritable hotspot of activity.