Bad Data Habit

A rising executive, while going over the numbers for tomorrow’s big presentation, notices something odd. She asks her assistant to check it out. He digs in, finds the error (in data supplied by the Widgets Department), corrects her presentation, and sends her an email advising what he’s done. Her presentation is well-received, with that figure…

Data Quality Management in Six Verbs

Once upon a time, when asked on Twitter to identify a list of critical topics for data quality practitioners, my pithy (with only 140 characters in a tweet, pithy is as good as it gets) response was to propose six critical verbs: Investigate, Communicate, Collaborate, Remediate, Inebriate, and Reiterate. Lest my pith be misunderstood aplenty, this blog post provides more detail.
1. Investigate
Data quality is not exactly a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. However, understanding your data is essential to using it effectively and improving its quality. Therefore, the first thing you must do is investigate. Grab your favorite (preferably highly caffeinated) beverage, get settled into your comfy chair, roll up your sleeves and starting analyzing that data. Data profiling tools can be very helpful with raw data analysis. However, data profiling is elementary, my dear reader. In order for you to make sense of those data elements, you require business context. This means you must also go talk with data’s best friends—its stewards, analysts, and subject matter experts.