Amanda Nelson: Why I Joined RingLead to Lead Content Marketing

After three years at (and formerly Radian6), I’ve joined RIngLead leading content marketing as Director of Marketing. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to create relevant, helpful content to the readers of this blog and the RingLead Community. Here’s why this is so exciting.A strong visionEver since I started working, I’ve ensured that I am 110% behind the company vision. Data quality is critical for CRM and marketing automation success. Bad data is a waste of time and money. It doesn’t serve the customer or the user in any way. I always strive to solve business problems so both customers and employees can focus on doing their jobs well. RingLead is all about that vision.Smart company structureRingLead is a flat organization where everyone works together, and everyone plays a role in marketing. This enables great collaboration and transparency across the entire organization, and easy, two-way communication with anyone from sales to the CEO.