3 Simple Steps to Stop Duplicate Data Forever

As a marketer, I’m faced with dirty, duplicate data on a daily basis. Bad email addresses. Bad phone numbers. Bouncebacks. Messy reporting in Salesforce. Extra work in Marketo. The solution is to clean your existing database and then stop duplicate data before it enters your system ever again. In the battle of marketer vs duplicate data,…

4 Steps for Marketers to Stop Duplicate Data

Dirty data has a way of silently infiltrating your organization, creating frustration, inefficiency, and dismal user adoption in the systems themselves. It can affect marketing, and each department and group of stakeholders in a very different way. Oftentimes, the problem is not brought to the forefront of the organization’s collective psyche. The good news is,…

Dirty data costs the U.S. economy $3 trillion+ per year

Estimates show dirty data is a big problem for the U.S. economy. How big? About 2x the national deficit.

Software expert Hollis Tibbets, the Global Director of Marketing at Dell, estimates that duplicate data and bad data combined cost the U.S. economy over $3 trillion every year – which is just about two times the national deficit.

In his post “$3 Trillion Problem: Three Best Practices for Today’s Dirty Data Pandemic,” Hollis points to a few key facts and figures to back up his estimate.
Healthcare is a breeding ground for duplicate data
The U.S. Attorney’s office recently revealed that they believe about 14% of healthcare spending is wasted due to dirty data – which includes duplicate and/or incomplete data. With 16% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product attributed to healthcare spending – or $2.14 Trillion total spend – that would mean that duplicate and dirty data costs the healthcare industry over $300 billion every year.