Rev your Marketing Engine

We recently participated in the Launchpoint partner webinar series, hosted by Marketo. We were thrilled to share the story of Jeff Shearer, the newly crowned Marketo Champion of the Year who is, coincidentally, a RingLead power-user. In this video, you’ll learn how Jeff leveraged our Marketo integration for his company, Egencia, to ensure accurate lead…

My data: It loves me…it loves me not

Every year, companies allocate a tremendous amount of time and money on their CRM and marketing automation platforms. Unfortunately the true value in these platforms – the customer and prospect data – gets completely forgotten. We think this is heartbreaking, so we’ve come up with four ways that you can show your data some love.…

Unique Entry 2.0 Hits the AppExchange

Last year before Dreamforce, RingLead invented As-You-Type Duplicate Prevention and introduced it to the Salesforce community. The release of the Unique Entry application on the AppExchange created such a buzz many great enhancement ideas and other feedback quickly followed. Our customers and partners will be delighted with all the great features we’ve packed into the…

Three Ways that Duplicates Affect Your Marketing Metrics

Duplicate records in Salesforce can cause chaos for your organization, but in this post we’ll specifically look at the problems that duplicate records cause in the measurement of your marketing efforts.

We’re going to start with a very simple example that is almost certainly happening within your Salesforce org hundreds if not thousands of times over.

Let’s say I’m your prospect.

You have me stored in Salesforce as a Lead with my email address as We talk about your products, but ultimately I decide not to go with them right now because I have Gregg, Michael, John and Matt asking me for help in a variety of different projects. I clearly don’t have the bandwidth to make this decision right now, so I hold off.

About a week later, I decide I’m ready to buy. But I forget who I spoke to at your company because I’m frazzled from pulling a few all nighters to get all of those projects finished. So I fill out a new contact form, but this time I use, which is my business-casual email address.

Your standard Salesforce Web-to-Lead form and the web forms that you’ve built with Marketo, Eloqua or Pardot will not prevent a duplicate record from being created. Why? Because all of these systems use exact-match email address duplicate prevention.

Now you have my information in your system (or systems) as two or more different records.

Let’s take a look at how this exact scenario would play out.