33 Brand New Tips for B2B Lead Generation Success

Generating leads in B2B marketing requires a great strategy, clean data, strong technology, and a little blood and sweat. This new ebook in collaboration with Bizible, showcases the necessary steps to achieve B2B lead generation success (with as little blood as possible). Here are some big tips from the book. Lead Generation Tips 1. Generating…

3 Laws for Searching LinkedIn Data

There are plenty of forums that give specific examples on how to use Google search strings to find almost any type of data, including contact information. While I will give some search string examples, I’m going to teach you how to think about search. Knowing how to think about search will outlast any example. There…

7 Free Guides for Marketers Using Salesforce

The web provides endless opportunities to research and find information to be a bigger and better marketer. When it comes to Salesforce, the amazing flexibility of that technology is probably the real reason that more companies use Salesforce than any other CRM. With great technology comes so many choices about implementation, apps, tracking, etc. This…

5 Killer Ebooks to Grow Your Sales Skills

In the words of the great sales expert, Jim Keenan, “If you don’t read, you won’t learn.” Salesperson or not, when you learn something new, I’m sure you get pumped. Reading helps you break things down into the essence of their context, and that provides a lot of motivation. Free resources can be full of…

30 Tips from Microsoft for Moving Your Data into a CRM

Microsoft Dynamics has spent the last 17 years working on integration of CRM, marketing automation, ERP. In those years, they’ve collaborated with thousands of different customers’ integration projects and all the data that comes with it.

The group recently boiled all of that knowledge down to 10 best practices for a smooth customer data integration project in this ebook. I recommend reading the ebook, but here are the tips that stood out most to me during my read.

12 Guiding Principles to Sales Success

Early in my career, I developed a list of guidelines for how to achieve sales success. After a few different versions, I ended up with 11 that I live by everyday. Then after a major career change, I added a 12th: Make sure you always have a plan B.

This exercise, and the resulting guiding principles, has helped me stay focused, which resulted in a very positive impact on my sales career.