8 Actions Successful People Take on LinkedIn

One out of three professionals worldwide are on LinkedIn. I’m not sure why the other two aren’t, because successful salespeople use LinkedIn. If you are successful without LinkedIn, consider how much more successful you could be if you were using it. According to The Ultimate Sales Guide to Crushing Your Quota, in 2014, 74% of…

Sales Tips: How to Stay Out of LinkedIn Jail

People are misusing LinkedIn left and right. As with any tool, you can be most effective when you use it properly and that usually requires some learning. Unfortunately, we see people self-promoting and trying to sell overtly on LinkedIn and it is just as undesirable as someone going around at a networking event shoving cards…

5 LinkedIn Tips for Better Sales Outreach

LinkedIn is no longer a social network. It may promote itself that way, but it’s really a social contact database. As you connect with people on LinkedIn, you’re getting their contact information. What you do with that data can make or break your next deal. In a recent Webmaster Radio interview with Mike O’Neil, I shared my LinkedIn…

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 10 Minutes

With 300 million users, LinkedIn has become the network of professionals worldwide. 40% of these users check the network daily, and with three million company pages and 2.1 million groups, there’s plenty for users to do, but how can users make the most of LinkedIn? Here are the 10 easiest ways to optimized your LinkedIn profile.
1. Photo
People want to see what you look like. Having a professional headshot helps when networking in person and helps to make your profile more personable. And when we say professional headshot, we don’t mean your company logo, a photo of your dog or a picture from the last family reunion or happy hour.

65 Notable Stats About Social Media Marketers

Social Media Examiner recently released their annual social media study to learn how 2,800 marketers use social media to grow and promote their business. I love these reports, not only because they provide insights to marketers such as myself, but because they demonstrate the power of what strong, smart data can provide.

I encourage you to read the 50-page report here, but for a taste of the good stuff, here are the key stats.