How to Stop Paying For Duplicate Contacts When Purchasing Lists

If you’ve purchased multiple lists from data vendors over the years, you probably are not aware of all the duplicate contacts that you’ve paid for. There are two very common scenarios that you’ll want to be aware of:
Scenario 1. Let’s use the example of an initial purchase of a list of contacts at software companies, and a subsequent purchase of IT Services companies. You order the initial list of software companies and a few months later order a list of IT Services companies. The problem is that there is bound to be a great deal of overlap between the lists. Since most data vendors charge per contact, this could result in a pretty large waste of money.

Scenario 2: You already have a good deal of these names in your database, so why should you pay for contacts that you already have?

Loading up a new list chock full of duplicate leads or existing Contacts/Accounts can create unnecessary stress and agravation for your sales team, so dealing with these lists efficiently before importing them into CRM can be the difference between being a Salesforce admin that is loved or hated.