Marketing Automation: Building a CRM for Your Business

Marketers and salespeople often complain their CRM is limiting them. Salesforce, MS Dynamics and Sugar CRM all presuppose a particular progression from Prospect to Sale. No doubt that the systems are based on 120 years of sales research best practices. But what about your business? Does the Lead > Contact > Account > Opportunity flow always work for you?Marketing automation systems like Marketo can help you bypass the restrictions in your CRM to build a sales funnel that makes sense for your business. Each business operates a bit differently. Each business has its own sales culture, its own corporate culture, and its own view of how sales happen. So when a company tells you to use their software, you have to change your process, and you become resistant…and so does the sales team. I know many firms where Salesforce is a dirty word because it has dirty data and a process that no one tried to make work for the business. And therefore Salesforce is “broken.”