Peek Inside the Massive Marketing Technology Landscape

Scott Brinker, co-founder and CTO of ION Interactive and author and editor of, has a passion for looking at the changing marketing and technology world, as shared in last week’s post. At a MOCCA (Marketing Operations Cross-Company Alliance) event in New York, Scott shared that, “Marketers are at the most interesting intersection in the world because technology and marketing opportunities are evolving and changing constantly.”

Software affects and influences how we manage the relationships of our customers. “Software is the middleman in digital marketing,” says Brinker. Brinker draws out the landscape of software company logos and updates it regularly, going from an initial pass of ~100 companies in August 2011 to now ~950 companies in January 2014. And of course, there are more.

By looking at it visually, you start to see that this is a space that has no way reached its end game. Are 1,000+ marketing technology vendors sustainable? Scott thinks so, and the reason for that is cloud computing. This is the era where anyone can be a catalyst for SaaS growth.