14 Essential Elements to Revenue Acceleration

Business owners don’t want much…we just want more. We want more speed, more accuracy, more productivity, more information (not to be confused with data)…MORE SALES. In sales, there are some essential elements, that when correctly wired into a system, have propelled dramatic impact on conversion, rate of revenue, and valuation. In no particular order, here are 14 of the most critical elements, without which, a fully productive revenue engine isn’t possible.
1. Control
Know what you are trying to control. If it’s revenue, it can’t be done. You might as well try controlling the weather.  However, we can impact revenue.  What we can control is the behavior and activities that lead to a decision.  Activity is your business’ primary currency…not money.
2. Clarity
Make sure your company’s value proposition is presented with clarity and consistency. Are your sales and service executives operating with a clearly defined and measured process? Everyone must go to market with the same, for lack of a better word, “script.”  In almost every instance, I’ve found that individuals tend to put their own bit of spin or style into their presentation.  Ultimately, you might find the differences in performance relate back to this issue.