The Top Three Marketing Automation Mistakes to Avoid

This post is meant for the marketing automation beginner, and is a compilation of a few of the lessons that we’ve learned over the years which should help you navigate your first marketing automation implementation (or re-implementation).

These lessons have been learned through years of successful integrations with marketing automation platforms such as Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, ExactTarget, Genius and more.

What does data quality have to do with marketing automation?

Data quality and marketing automation go hand-in-hand; oftentimes it is the marketing department that has to campaign for a data quality solution.  It can be hard to sway management to take data quality seriously, but if they’ve seen the eye-popping facts associated with duplicate data, they may be more inclined to act.  Implementing a marketing automation system without a proper data quality solution in place beforehand can result in chaos throughout your organization.  So do yourself (and your company) a favor, and take a few moments to learn from our customers’ past mistakes!