3 Lessons from Recruiters

Salespeople and recruiters have a lot in common. By learning and adopting the recruiter mindset, salespeople can reap significant improvements in their results. Here are three key areas where sales can learn from recruiting. 1. Gold is found below the surface Recruiters understand the value of research. In the process of sourcing candidates, they understand…

The Top 5 Reasons Prospects Don’t Respond to Sales Voicemails

Leaving voicemails for prospects can be powerful in ways that sales reps can’t even comprehend. As an example, I recently received a voicemail from a sales rep at a company that sells software aimed at B2B content marketers like me. On his voicemail, he sounded engaging, knowledgeable about my industry and professional—the kind of person I like doing business with.

I briefly visited his company’s website and investigate their solutions. While I identified that I don’t have an immediate need for the products his company offers, I noted that I might in the future. I took down his name, his company’s name and his number.

Even though I didn’t call him back right away, his voicemail put his company and their solutions on my radar and built up goodwill for his brand. In other words, his voicemail could lead to a future sales conversation. The point is that voicemails can add a lot of value whether or not a prospect calls you back right away. Even if a voicemail triggers an email response or a call back six months down the line, it still adds value.