Keeping Certain Duplicates in Salesforce

Usually our blog posts focus on how to eradicate duplicate records across your entire organization, keeping just one record for each and every individual in an organization. However, some Salesforce admins require the maintenance of two records (in the form of Leads, Contacts or Accounts), one for each Role in Salesforce. This gives different roles within an organization the ability to interact with and manage these records independently.

If this fits the description of your needs, than you can use separate RingLead accounts for each role within your organization so that only the data within your Role is accessed and modified.

Problem: An organization has a need to retain necessary duplicates per different roles.

When an organization has multiple roles, they will almost inevitably need to retain duplicates throughout the database, but they should never need to retain duplicates within each individual role.

Solution: Create a separate RingLead account for each role in Salesforce

Sync RingLead Data Cleanse with a Salesforce User that has limited permissions so that they can access and modify the data that their role has access to.

By switching the search criteria to Email Only, the merge report will only be populated with exact match duplicates in a specific role, which makes the manual process of Data Cleanse much less time consuming, meaning the user should be able to simply use the global merge button and very quickly merge the database.

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