Salesforce Merge Leads and Source Definitions

Ever have a Salesforce user ask what a specific Lead Source means? Ever have to answer the same question 10 times in 1 day? Well today is your lucky day, because we took the time to write up definitions of common Lead Sources and decided to share it with you all. Why? Well, because we’re all about Salesforce optimization.

So, without further ado, here is the list that we recently posted on our company intranet. Enjoy!

Remember: Lead Source is the initial touchpoint that we had with a Lead. The most recent touchpoint may be documented in Activity History or the activity that is available in Marketo Sales Insight.

Employee Referral – An employee from outside of the sales department (eg. marketing department, development team, etc.) referred this Lead. Leads should not be assigned directly to an employee unless there are very specific circumstances why this should happen. In the event that a Lead should be assigned directly to a particular sales rep, notice should be given to VP of Sales.

External Email – A Lead was acquired by a partners email blast to their database. This is common when doing a joint webinar, and co-presenting companies email their database.

External Referral – Someone outside of the organization who is NOT a partner (eg. A friend, former employee) has referred this Lead.