How to Implement Salesforce: 8 Key Steps

Salesforce is a powerful platform with unlimited possibilities. If you are reading this, you’re likely in charge (or interested in being in charge) of a Salesforce implementation. This is great news, because you, the Salesforce implementation project manager, will own the implementation process and will guide the project to successful completion. You’ll need to understand…

8 Tips to Get Your Team Using CRM in 2015

A CRM implementation is more of a cultural change than a technological change. That’s because adopting a new system requires changing habits, and changing habits is hard. It’s hard for those who want to change, let alone those who do not. Most people demand change, but resist it when it comes. Resistance to change is…

How to Navigate a Successful Salesforce Implementation [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are many ways to navigate a Salesforce implementation but the right way may not be so easy. And no matter the size of your company or the size of your Salesforce platform, you must plan, commit and be ready before you kick off Salesforce. The good news is there are some simple steps to ensure a successful start.

1. Optimize your time

Focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on the biggest portion of your user base. Plan your implementation from the vision, goals and how you'll execute. Consider the players involved in the implementation and delegate specific roles. 

2. Talk to your Salesforce admins

There are many different types of users in Salesforce, from admins to managers to trainers, so make sure the end users (your admins) are involved from the start. After all, they are the ones that will live and breathe Salesforce everyday. Not only are they important, but they have helpful ideas to ensure a smooth implementation.

Top Salesforce Implementation Mistakes

In a webinar with RingLead Chief Product Officer Michael Farrington and Cloud Theory CEO Brian Marchand, the duo discuss some of the most common Salesforce implementation mistakes that they’ve encountered in their decades of experience with Salesforce and CRM. Below is the recorded version as well as a summary of the advice that Brian and…