Three Reasons Why You Should Definitely Join a Salesforce Usergroup

Hey Wisconsin-based Salesforce Users! RingLead Chief Product Officer Michael Farrington (@michaelforce) will be speaking at an upcoming user group meeting. As a Salesforce partner for the past decade, RingLead has seen an unbelievable surge in the Salesforce community.

We’ve seen Dreamforce transform from a mere tradeshow to THE tradeshow, which now puts most concerts and music festivals to shame (Sidenote: we’re hearing rumors that The Rolling Stones are going to be performing this year – awesome!)

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One of the best things about being on the Salesforce platform is the community that has developed around it – and one of the best things about the community is all of the great Salesforce Usergroups that have sprung up and flourished, especially over the past few years. If you’re hesitant to join, here are three reasons why you should get over your fear of networking and jump into your local usergroup.