SFDC Admin Lifesaver: Text-to-Columns in Microsoft Excel

Have you ever come into possession of a list or spreadsheet containing email addresses but the company name and/or website field is blank? How about this scenario: you receive a list that has one column for Full Name, but you need seperate columns for first and last name.

There is a pretty easy way to get around both of these issues but surprisingly, not many people are aware of it. In this example, we’ll show you how to resolve the first problem – a list of email addresses but no company name or URL information – by using the Text to Columns function in Microsoft Excel.
An Admin Life-Saver: Text-to-Columns in Microsoft Excel
The Text to Columns function allows you to separate values (text, numbers, etc.) within an Excel column through a delimiter. A delimiter is the point that you wish to “slice” the values. A delimiter can be any character – the letter A, the number 3, special characters – but the most common & helpful examples will include delimiters in the form of a comma, semicolon, single space or even a tab. In the example below, where we want to separate the URL from an email address, we’ll use the @ sign as the delimiter.