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Data Heroes: Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Sales Ops

Data Heroes: Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Sales Ops

Episode Summary

"Collecting feedback that was relevant to their daily experience." - Austen Adair. Due to the inherent nature of proximity of the salesperson to the customer, Sales sits in the unique position to best understand and relate to the customer. By maintaining continual communication with the customer, Sales can procure and contextualize detailed feedback to improve the user experience of the business. In this episode of our Data Heroes Podcast, guests talk about the user experience, and how it can be enhanced with data management features and add-ons on the Salesforce instance.

Communication is key, and businesses should work to encourage as much honest and transparent communication both with the customer, and internal teams. "Keeping that continuous dialogue going. People like to be involved. It makes them feel special." - Christine Marshall.

Teams need to align and develop measures to encourage users to communicate input of their experience, so that it can be utilized by the business in the form of qualitative data. "Encourage input where it's needed from an end user." - Austen Adair.

By improving a product and the experience a customer has with it, they can become your brand advocate and help spread product awareness and increase loyalty, ROI, and revenue.

Our podcast panel also discusses Salesforce Lightning, company alignment, managing expectations, and communication with executives.


Data Heroes: Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Sales Ops
Name: David Giller
What he does: Founder and CEO
Company: Brainiate
Where to find David: LinkedIn
Data Heroes: Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Sales Ops
Name: Christine Marshall
What she does: Salesforce Evangelist
Company: Salesforce Ben
Where to find Christine: LinkedIn
Data Heroes: Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Sales Ops
Name: Austen Adair
What he does: Vice President, Sales Enablement
Company: Watermark
Where to find Austen: LinkedIn

David Giller Bio

David Giller (Brainiate) is the Founder & CEO of Brainiate, helping organizations to get the most out of Salesforce by training employees, improving the existing Salesforce configuration, and addressing the reasons why rebellious employees don’t use the system as expected. He turns those detractors into enthusiastic evangelists, bringing consistency and automation across the organization.

Christine Marshall Bio

Christine Marshall (Salesforce Ben) is the Salesforce Evangelist at Salesforce Ben. She is a 4x certified Salesforce MVP, a regular speaker at Salesforce events, leads the Bristol Salesforce Admin group, mentors for Salesforce Supermums, and has a Salesforce blog "The Everyday Admin".

Austen Adair Bio

Austen Adair (Watermark), an ed tech company. Austen originally got introduced to Salesforce from working at TK 20, where Austen’s team were using a different CRM before moving to Salesforce and becoming the Salesforce administrator. Austen is hard-working, passionate, and believes that effective communication makes the world go round.


Data Heroes: Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Sales Ops
Name: Saverio Curcio
What he does: Sales Operations Director
Company: RingLead
Where to find Saverio: LinkedIn

Saverio Curcio Bio

Saverio Curcio (RingLead) is currently working as the Director of Sales Operations and Certified Salesforce Administrator at RingLead. He provides solutions to increase productivity and efficiency in sales processes to ultimately drive revenue and disrupt the SaaS space.

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Data Heroes: Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Sales Ops

Key Notes

  • Rollout of Salesforce Lightning. Businesses should strive to maintain open and honest communication amongst teams after rolling out Salesforce Lightning, to ensure they always remain abreast using the current platform. "Make sure that they know how to use the updated platform" - David Giller
  • Endless Communication. Maintaining continuous communication with customers is a great way to procure feedback and accurate insights that can ultimately improve the experience of the end user. "Encourage input where it's needed from an end user." - Austen Adair
  • Word of Mouth. The most effective form of advertising and brand awareness is, and has always been, customer word of mouth. Provide your sales teams with the resources, tools, and support to ensure that they can not only convert prospects into customers, but convert customers into brand advocates. "There's people that really struggle to buy in because if you can convert them, they will convert other people for you." - Christine Marshall
  • Maintaining Alignment. The only effective measure to ensure that business objectives are continuously met, is to holistically align teams on all aspects of the business and Go-To-Market strategies. "Work together to work out the best solution for everyone. Identify problems early on. Get those key people in the room and have an open dialogue to avoid a lot of future problems." - Christine Marshall
  • Communicating With Executives. When addressing prioritization issues with executives, it's important to manage expectations of objectives, but also, remain honest and transparent. "It's all about being transparent and just being very honest about what is achievable and what is not achievable" - Christine Marshall