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Brooke Bartos

3x Marketo Champion. Fearless 50 Marketer. Revive Finalist. Adobe Summit Speaker.

Brooke Bartos is a widely recognized data-driven Marketo Champion with a track record of successful implementations of ABM strategy, engagement marketing, lead nurturing, and MarTech integrations for Marketo. In addition to her work in the Marketo community, Brooke has been listed among Everstring’s 2019 “25 Influential Women to Watch in Marketing Operations” and Drift’s 2019 “29 Changemakers Who Are Shaking Up The Marketing World.”

Brooke Bartos [Full Episode]

In her episode of #TalkDataToMe – Data Heroes, Brooke explores data wins and losses, the Marketo Champion Community, the state of data privacy legislations and its impact on marketers, and other trending topics including tactical ideas around Marketo tokens, attribution, and CRM and MAP alignment.