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Brooke Bartos, Chelsea Kiko, Elliott Lowe

A #TalkDataToMe – Data Heroes panel of Marketo Champions too good to miss. Hear Marketo powerhouses Chelsea Kiko, 3x Marketo Champion, Elliott Lowe, 3x Marketo Champion, and Brooke Bartos, 2x Marketo Champion on our first exclusive #TalkDataToMe panel. With over 35 years of combined marketing ops experience at companies like McGraw Hill, Engagio, and CA, these Champions are well versed in all things marketing, operations, RevOps, and of course, Marketo.

Brooke Bartos, Chelsea Kiko, Elliott Lowe [Full Episode]

In this #TalkDataToMe - Data Heroes exclusive, these three marketing rockstars discuss trends around content AI and data enrichment for targeted advertisements and hyper-personalized email campaigns that go beyond your standard "Dear John." The trio also explores hot topics like tech stack and lead scoring trends, personal data horror stories (and how to avoid them!), and the evolving Marketo Community.