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Chelsea Kiko

4x Marketo Champion. Fearless 50 members. MUG Co-Leader. 2019 Champion of the Year Revvie Finalist.

Chelsea Kiko is a highly regarded MarTech professional specializing in marketing automation, demand generation, and strategic lead nurturing. Currently serving as the Marketing Ops Manager at McGraw Hill, Chelsea has an extensive record of working with enterprise clients to create cleaner, faster, and more engaged buyer funnels that result in more closed-won deals. Chelsea has successfully implemented creative, technical marketing influenced campaigns at companies like Hileman Group, Current, powered by GE, and PR Newswire.

Chelsea Kiko [Full Episode]

In her episode of #TalkDataToMe – Data Heroes, Chelsea shares her tips and tricks for everything from dealing with data decay and preventing data loss, to implementing forms for marketing campaigns and selecting the right data management tools. This Marketo rockstar also lets us in on a few dirty secrets: her own Marketo data fails, and what they’v taught her over the years.