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Fine-tune targeting, and understanding of the size, growth and identity of any business in the US.” In episode 16 of our TalkDataToMe podcast, Founder & Chief Data Officer Jose Plehn talks with host John Kosturos about his sales enablement company, BrightQuery. BrightQuery aims to solve a multifaceted set of customer issues, ranging from core firmographics to providing full financials and credit information of every company in the United States. All of BQ’s 30 million company data sets are accurate and verified by US Government financial institutions.

Ep16: BrightQuery [Full Episode]

BrightQuery sources, provides and tracks information of over 30 million companies within the US. They provide full financials, firmographics, and history for both public and private B2B companies with all data verified by the IRS and other financial government agencies. “Every client starts off with core firmographics and financials." BQ provides its clients with extremely detailed, precise and accurate data points of over 5000 attributes per record to help better corner the market.

Their services are segmented into 6 categories for accessibility and also offer a range of other core functionalities including credit modelling and scoring; applicable for ABM strategies. BQ is separated from the many competitors within the industry via their rich data sets and officially verified records of every company within the US.