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Remaining GDPR-compliant while scaling B2B prospecting is a delicate dance that requires a reliable, always up-to-date database. In episode 8 of Talk Data to Me – The DataExchange, Harry Brown, Salesforce Partnership Manager at Cognism, explains – How Cognism helps companies scale revenue with a GDPR compliant B2B database of over 400 million businesses.

Ep 08: Cognism

With a GDPR-compliant database of over 400 million B2B profiles, over 800 thousand data points, and full market coverage, Cognism enables customers to significantly reduce time spent on lead generation and prospecting so that more time can be spent building a scalable revenue engine.
Cognism’s powerful database includes over 20 million direct dials and over 1600 mapped technologies, helping customers fuel connection and conversion rates with the right people, at the right accounts, all while remaining compliant with data privacy regulations.