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Key business decision maker locations, business operating hours and solvency status are constantly changing since Covid-19. In Episode 10 of Talk Data to Me – The DataExchange, Howard Alexander, VP of Global Accounts at DatabaseUSA explains how DatabaseUSA provides profiling and data enhancement services to keep businesses up to date with relevant big business, small business, SME, and consumer data so they can maximize deliverability and connectivity at all times.

Ep 10: DatabaseUSA

DatabaseUSA offers data discovery and data agnostics for profiling and identification of common buyer characteristics. Their broad sweep of business and consumer data is used to enhance databases with the best prospects for products and services to maximise growth.
Watch the full clip to learn more about how customers are using enhancement services that include PPP loan analysis, Google data to identify current service arrangement and trading status of a business, and pairing business and personal information to connect with buyers outside of normal working environments. Find out how customers use data to connect with the right people regardless of the rapid changes occurring in the current business landscape.