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Unifying and mastering data across several CRM systems for meaningful and impactful insights requires high data quality. In episode 15 of Talk Data to Me – The DataExchange, Rushabh Mehta, Founder and CEO of Matchbook AI talks about Ideal Customer Profiles, 3rd party data enrichment, matching logic and ensuring sourced data is matched correctly.

Ep15: Matchbook AI [Full Episode]

Matchbook AI empowers companies to make impactful and meaningful business decisions by providing processes and tools required to accurately match . Matchbook AI offers simple integration methods for its global insurance customers to stay on top of their company data. They are the masters of helping clients unite data sitting across multiple CRMs, targeting ICPs, and matching and enriching data.

Watch this episode to learn how Matchbook AI allows businesses the opportunity to effectively consume high quality commercial and enterprise data to ensure outstanding insights and outcomes.