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3 trillion dollars of value is hidden away in corporate systems, so how can you get visibility of what is happening within an organisation and release this value? In Episode 09 of Talk Data to Me – The DataExchange, Manish Goel, CEO, at TrustSphere explains how TrustSphere surfaces hidden internal relationships to increase the chance of a meeting from 2% to 40% by using your existing referral network.

Ep 09: TrustSphere

TrustSphere analyses corporate communication and collaboration data to provide data enrichment and visualisation services based on relationships. See how business gain an inside-out-view of how an organization is functioning, better understand neglected accounts and use AI to reconnect with clients.
Watch the full clip to learn more about how businesses are using their own first party data via telemetry and relationship analytics to understand the relationships they have across an organization and harness the incredible power of a referral network.