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Validating email addresses for targeted marketing campaigns through accurate focus of the granular details requires dedication and a very high standard for data quality. In this episode of Talk Data to Me – The DataExchange, Brian Minick, COO of ZeroBounce talks with host John Kosturos about ideal customers, prevention automation, and ZeroBounce’s unique approach in the email validation space.

Ep18: ZeroBounce [Full Episode]

ZeroBounce differentiates itself in the verification and deliverability space, providing ultimate control of high quality data maintenance for their email marketer customers and data providers. Offering a real-time fraud analysis service which cleanses invalid email accounts to greatly increase database value by drastically improving customer engagement. Founded by people in the mailing industry, ZeroBounce understands the importance of batch prevention automation to ensure accuracy for companies handling large amounts of data. ZeroBounce brings trust back into the industry by helping clients make informed decisions about their database, offering two service models: self-service, and hand-holding approach.

Utilizing real-time APIs for validation of intent data sources, ZeroBounce is one of the market leaders in verification. Watch this episode to learn how ZeroBounce's accessible and affordable  service enhances customer database value, greatly improving ROIs and brand outreach.